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Brett Edwards, National Chair.

National Chair Annual Report for 14th June 2022

Events for 2022 – Dates for your diary.

learn NEW ways – deploy NEW skills – forge NEW links

Advance notice from the event planning group.

Networker in person event – hosted by DAC Beachcroft –

Thursday 1st December, London. Details will follow.

Webinar – Sliptember: Preventing Slips and Trips in Care.

Speaker:   Christian Harris (Slip Safety Services Founder.)
Proposed date 13th September 2022.
Time: 10:00 to 11:00.

Webinar – Infection Prevention and Control.

Speaker:  Chris Patridge (Infection Prevention Solutions Deputy Clinical Director).
Proposed date: 11th October 2022.
Time :10:00 to 11:00.

Other webinars under  consideration.

Fire Safety (various specialist subjects); * Manual Handling; * Lone Working;
* D
e-escalation; * Transporting Passengers; * Asbestos.
We will have an outcome of that debate after the next National Executive  meeting in August.

Conversation & Catch Up sessions.

Date: The first Tuesday of every month – next is now  on Tuesday 6th September 2022.
This session will be hosted by Brett Edwards National Chair
with the headline topics of Scalding

Time: 10:30 to 11:30.
Platform: Zoom. Meeting ID: 881 3909 7333 Pass code: 478823
No charge for the sessions Problems: just ring 07840160030
Open to members and non members just sign in and join the discussion.
Questions; clarifications; views on topics; issues you may have.
Colleagues may have the answer 

NASHiCS supports the UK
stand with Ukraine.


Supporting vulnerable people before and during heatwave for health and Social Care professionals.

Latest information has been well broadcast but this event could well not be the last so here is the government’s Heatwave information for current and future reference contacts advice etc. Here

Safety Alert Issued.

Inadvertent oral administration of potassium permanganate.
Potassium permanganate is routinely used in the NHS as a dilute solution to treat weeping and blistering skin conditions. It is supplied in concentrated forms, either as a ‘tablet’ or a solution, which requires dilution before use. These concentrated forms resemble an oral tablet or drink and if ingested are highly toxic.   More

CQC highlights CD errors in care homes.

Two common errors involving controlled drugs in care homes are identified in a new CQC report.
The safer management of controlled drugs: Annual update 2021 identifies the following learning points for care provides

Transdermal patches not being rotated to prevent skin damage; infrequent checking that patches are still in place; old patches removed.
Controlled drug error reporting to the right organisations. Staff in social care organisations that do not have their own controlled drugs accountable officer (CDAO) should report incidents to their local accountable officer at NHS England through the controlled drugs reporting website.
There is also evidence of increasing problems where controlled drugs are either not destroyed promptly or in the right way.
CQC issues guidance on controlled drugs in care homes.
Providers are also encouraged to ask for support from a pharmacy professional.

Acoustically operated door release mechanisms (AODRM) for holding open fire doors.

National Protection Learning Information Note.
In response to a number of recent enquires, this information note is designed to raise
awareness of the suitability of acoustically operated door release mechanisms (AODRM) when used to hold open (and subsequently release) fire doors in premises

Making sure your Care/Nursing Home is safe from fire.

Providers in care/nursing homes are encouraged to review their fire risk assessments and management arrangements to ensure these are considered. It may be valuable to engage with their Fire Risk Assessors or Local Fire and Rescue Service to gather further advice if they are concerned about fire safety arrangements, staffing levels or emergency plans.  Read 

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